James Benedetto is able to mesh his skills in drawing and painting with his infectious sense of humor. During his years at CCSU I became familiar with his fantasy based work where he combined various animals In order to create creatures which are very original. These are the Centaurs and Kraken from mythology.

The work on his website has gone in a different direction recently. In these drawings he embraces his comedic side with magazine spoofs which have a more slapstick demeanor. These works are an amalgam of disparate… some would say polar opposites blended into one being…. A being that probably should not exist in any sane gene pool. These would work great as illustrations where two sides of one personality are at odds.

Mark Strathy Professor of Art, Central Connecticut State University

After my first look at Jim’s watercolor, “Abstract Landscape” my jaw dropped to the floor and I proceeded to behave like the infamous cartoon wolf who saw that pretty girl. Jim’s got the rare talent to make art accessible to Joe the Plumber on one hand, and the Duke of Rochester on the other. There’s not a hint of pretentiousness in his style.

Michael Smith Art Aficionado