Monster Game

Take a piece of paper and fold it into three sections. Make sure you fold the paper so you can hide what you have previously drawn. You are not supposed to look at the drawing until it is done. Each section represents a different part of your monster. The top section is the head, the middle section is the body (usually neck to hips,) and the last section is the legs down. There are no restrictions to what you can draw in any of these sections, as long as you stick to the basic format head/body/legs. Once you finish, it is time to unfold the paper and reveal the monster you have created. Post your results in the comments section below!

*All viewers of this site are encouraged to try these games out for themselves. If you have some good results please share them with me through my blog/comments section. I look forward to any and all of the drawings you and your friends come up with.

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My name is James D. Benedetto and I am an Illustrator from Connecticut. I graduated from C.C.S.U. with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and from Tunxis Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Visual Fine Arts. I have experience in all kinds of arts and I am always willing to help someone out. If you like what you see. Please feel free. To contact me!

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