Monster Game – Toast-Steve-Booger

Toast-Steve-Booger was created by my brother Michael and Kurt. It has the head of a toaster, the body of a man wearing a belt that says “Steve Rulez,” and the legs of fingers pulling apart a booger. This monster tries to walk but can’t. For you see his legs aren’t legs but fingers instead, fingers that are too busy playing with boogers. But, that’s okay. This guy doesn’t need to walk because Steve Rulez!

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My name is James D. Benedetto and I am an Illustrator from Connecticut. I graduated from C.C.S.U. with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and from Tunxis Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Visual Fine Arts. I have experience in all kinds of arts and I am always willing to help someone out. If you like what you see. Please feel free. To contact me!

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