Monster Game – Gir-amp-spital

Gir-amp-spital was created by my brother Michael, Kurt, and Jen. This monster has the head of a giraffe, the body of a lamp, and the legs of a hospital in the process of being built. This monster doesn’t have any way to move around. Its legs are a hospital and that hospital is under construction. Its body is a lamp and so it can’t really digest food. I can only imagine this poor fella doesn’t eat. In fact, the only part of this unfortunate monster that seems to function is its head. But, even that doesn’t seem to function correctly. What a terrible shame.

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My name is James D. Benedetto and I am an Illustrator from Connecticut. I graduated from C.C.S.U. with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and from Tunxis Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Visual Fine Arts. I have experience in all kinds of arts and I am always willing to help someone out. If you like what you see. Please feel free. To contact me!

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