Drawing Game

Rip up a piece of paper into small pieces large enough to write at least a sentence on it. The number of pieces you will need to rip up depends on the number of people playing and the amount you want to draw. Separate the ripped pieces of paper into piles (each person needs to have the same amount of pieces.) Hand each person a pile and have them separate their pile into two piles. On one of the piles you will write down nouns. On the other pile you will write down an adjective or a prepositional phrase. Each person does this and when everyone is done, put them into two piles, one for nouns and one for adjectives. Mix each pile up real well. Then pick one from each pile and draw whatever your two pieces of paper say. Post your results in the comments section below!

*All viewers of this site are encouraged to try these games out for themselves. If you have some good results please share them with me through my blog/comments section. I look forward to any and all of the drawings you and your friends come up with.

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My name is James D. Benedetto and I am an Illustrator from Connecticut. I graduated from C.C.S.U. with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and from Tunxis Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Visual Fine Arts. I have experience in all kinds of arts and I am always willing to help someone out. If you like what you see. Please feel free. To contact me!

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